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Bonatti O&M division offers a new approach to Early Production for isolated and marginal wells that combines Petroleum Engineering know how, EPC competences and O&M expertise in order to provide a production service to Company through Bonattiā€™s proprietary production facilities.

This Service approach to production allows Client to move its costs from CAPEX to OPEX, sharing costs and responsibilities with Contractor.

Temporary Production Facilities are designed to meet Service requirements and Company expectations tailoring specific technical solutions for a continuous, safe and zero environmental impact production service.

Each project is basically composed by two different phases, entirely developed and followed by Bonatti O&M:

1) E.P.C. phase for Site Facilities and Temporary Production Plant definition and installation;
2) Operation & Maintenance Service of the Temporary Production Plant.

Production systems are technologically designed to be flexible, easy to be installed and to grant 24 h/d Production: Maintenance and day-by-day Operation is followed by a dedicated Site Team.

Brief overview of the different services in production and related technologies and application utilized

Water Injection Services

Reciprocating Pumps driven by Diesel Motors.

Multiphase Production Services
The core technology is the multiphase pumping skid able to pump simultaneously Oil, Gas and Water directly to the Oil Treatment Plant.This solution avoid the flaring system of the traditional production systems composed by a separator and lines for gas and oil. Main advantages of multiphase pumping are zero environmental impact (no Gas flaring) and the capability to operate with a maximum of 95% of Gas.

Gas Injection Services
Temporary Station to inject (stock) Gas up to 220 barg in an existing reservoir in Italy (Bordolano).The Injection Facilities are composed by two Reciprocating Compressors driven by Gas Engines (3,7 MW each) and auxiliaries equipments.

Chemical Injection Services
Self-standing skids to inject high pressure water with chemicals in the well head in order to reduce salt percentage in the Oil.The packages are installed in Algeria, BRN and ROD wells.

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